I'm not a crazed gunman, I'm an assassin.

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You do nothing all day
I convert oxygen to carbon dioxide
I regenerate cells
I transmit nerve signals to my brain
I digest food
How is that nothing

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1. A short coat usually extending to the hips.
2. An outer covering or casing, especially:
a. The skin of a potato.
b. The dust jacket of a book or phonograph record.
c. An insulation covering for a steam pipe, wire, boiler, or similar part.
d. An open envelope or folder for filing papers.
e. The outer metal shell or case of a bullet.

-One more ode to fashion in the letter j for me them it’s off to the letter K!


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“When I die, I don’t want to go to heaven or hell. I want to stay on earth and haunt people. Turn the lights on in the kitchen when you thought you’ve turned them off.  Hide under the bed and grab your leg when it dangles off while you’re sleeping.  Sit in the backseat and show up in your rearview mirror when you’re driving alone at night. Being a ghost sounds like a lot of fun!”

— Robert Downey Jr. (rdjsaidwhatnow)

Words cannot describe how much I love this man. 

Just imagine that second-to-last gif.  You’re driving home from wherever and you’re going to change lanes so you look in your rear-view mirror only to see Robert Downey Jr staring at you from the back-seat of your car.  You’re tired - it’s been a long day - and you think your mind is playing tricks on you, albeit ridiculously weird tricks as he’s, you know, dead and all and you didn’t even know him or anything.  You do a double take and you see him plain as day, just looking at you.  Then he just says something totally nonchalant like, “Don’t ogle me; keep your eyes on the road.”  You blink and hope he’s gone when you open your eyes, but he’s still there.  He lingers a moment, smiles, waves, and then disappears.

The ghost of Robert Downey Jr strikes again.

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